Cars For Sale

We are always looking for good, solid cars to rebuild from the ground up

and then find a new owner that will enjoy their "new" Fiero for years to come.


Our cars are all taken down to bare frame,

media-blasted to bare metal, and then rebuilt with

new sheet metal to breathe new life into these old bodies.


The engines are all stock V6 2.8L, rebuilt from the bottom up

and then finished to either factory specs, or customized with

color-match paint & chrome to give a more custom treatment.


We then add our body kits to give all our cars a custom look

that's recognizable as the A-Z Mecanique Fiero.


Every paint job is finished off with multiple coats of clear,

and then finally hand-polished & detailed to a super lustrous finish .


Here are a few samples of some cars we have completed this year...